Welcome to Jenns World

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Welcome to I will be adding content over time, but there is a chance that the entire site could be scrapped and started over again without warning. The reason for this is that it is a learning tool for me to work on my webdesign skills, and as a learning tool, it's possible that things may not always go as I planned for them to go. This current rebuild is a prime example of that. After spending over a year working on building this site, I somehow managed to endup loosing the content of every page I built; the file was there, but it had a file size of zero bytes which means it was comparable to trying to get an egg yolk out of an empty egg shell... in otherwords.. pointless. I don't fully understand how I managed to accomplish this feat, but regardless of how I did it, moving forward, I am adding an extra layer to my backup files in the form of a flashdrive that is not connected to the cloud I will be working from.

Topics I hope to include on here could cover Coding, Hiking/Backpacking, Camping, Biking, maybe some guitar related content, and almost without a doubt some history related to Trinity Memorial and maybe even Warren State Hospital. I don't have a timeline for when any of these topics will be added, it all depends on how long it takes me to build each page, research the content for it, and then add the content to the page.

Some goals I have in mind as I start with yet another rebuild of this site include.

  • Improve my method of backing up files in a way that creates isolated backups to prevent epic failures in my files.
  • Focus on a single page and do my best to not start a new page until I have reached a point with the one I'm working on that has it looking like a complete page rather than the fragmented approach I was going with before.
  • Put in some extra effort with testing each page to ensure that links work, images load, and all the content is where I intend it to be on the page before moving on to a new page.
  • Above all, rediscover the joy I once had with learning to code and sharing my interests then convey that personal joy through my site to my visitors.