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Coding Tools & Resources

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Introduction to Coding Resources

Introduction Sub-Topics

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I'm still pretty green with regards to my coding skills, but I suspect that the tools and resources I'm tapping into could be beneficial to people not only new to coding like I am, but also to those with more advanced skills who are looking to brush up on skills or simply find some ideas for their own projects.

Potential Topics

  • Accessibility issues related to coding with emphasis on front-end webdesign
  • Reference materials
  • Tools to help with code validation
  • Tutorials or other educational sites or resources
  • Links to code editors and other online tools that allow you to work on projects or simply practice skills.

Goals for this section

  • Aim to include variety of resources pertaining to front-end webdesign.
  • Continue to improve my coding skills.
  • Maybe create a page to share my code experiments on

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