Outdoor Activities

Table of Contents

A dirt road turning to the right with lush green trees and forest undergrowth on either side of it. There are leaves from the trees strewn on the road
Photo credit: Pexels.com contributor – Anton Atanasov

Intro to Outdoor Activites

If you are looking at this section I'm going to assume you have an interest in being outdoors, or know somebody else who is. I'm by no means an expert on outdoor activities I will be including here over time, but I'm happy to offer basic information to get you started and point you to resources I have found helpful.

Topics I hope to add may include Metal detecting, Bicycling, and some simpler like exploring your own neighborhood which may lead me to including some environment related topics.

I have decided to start with "Camping" as the first topic to work on here, because it seemed like a good starting point since it will tie into bicycling, and backpacking. My focus will be on camping in campgrounds, because I rely on medicalequipment that requires access to electricity so going backpacking in the wilderness overnight off-grid isn't an option for me. However the information I'll include should be useful in other settings.